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TOCKOS is a 2-player PVP prototype made to test a turn-based action combat system. It's going to be used to play around with ideas before moving on to expand it into a PVE combat system for a larger game.

How to play 

2 players can compete against each other (there's no AI opponent yet). 

Each player controls a team of five nugget persons. You can make your guys stronger by colliding them with each other. You hurt the opponent by smashing your strong guys into their weak ones. First team to beat the snot out of the other wins.


You can play using keyboard & mouse ( or XBox360 controller)

  • WASD - Move
  • LMB - Attack
  • RMB - Guard
  • MMB - Jump

Tips & Tricks

  • Pass : bump into a teammate to pass control to him.
  • Chain : smash into a teammate to make him stronger.
  • Boost : smash into a guarding teammate to launch yourself into the air.
  • Stomp : jump on someones head take them out for awhile.
  • Break: smash into a guarding opponent to break his guard.
  • Wound : smash into an opponent who is weaker than you. The larger the difference the more it's gonna hurt.
  • Stun: if you Wound someone he will also become stomped for a turn (mainly to prevent you from ganging up on him)


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TOCKOS proto windows64 16 MB
Version 1
TOCKOS proto OSX 28 MB
Version 1