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Awesome game


Found a funny exploit :).. just quickly press up all the time. I always win :P


Haha what a crazy game. A little hard in the beginning but really fun.

We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

The core concept is absolutely wonderful - a turn- and card-based "Breakout" is an innovative approach and surprisingly much fun! Thanks to the deadly red blocks you added a tactical touch to the whole game, which turned out to be quite challenging. A wonderful little game, which I happily recommended in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 41. <3 Of course it's also featured in the related gameplay video. :) Thank you very much for your entry and I keep my fingers crossed that you'll get a high ranking with that one!

Best wishes,


Such a cool concept and game. Very polished I love it!

for those who enjoy watching than playing. this video is for you. its a short video about gameplay and some of the hectic

Extremely fun, great combination - love the graphics - would have like a little background music and timer just to add a little pressure:

HOME RUN. I loved it.

Amazing combo! The gameplay is incredible and the graphics are also really nice! Congratulations!

Unbelievable combination! Awesome!

Awesome game, love it! <3

High quality stuff! Great job!


This is a really cool idea and well executed. Great work. I put it up on the fresh games section on the homepage

Awesome, Thank you!